Monday, June 10, 2013

Live Action

Saturday Eve, we headed to a local river for a quaint family outing. 
The plan: water ice & a nice walk down by the river. 

Oh my, oh my, how quickly plans changed as our evening turned into what could have been a reality tv show episode on the discovery channel.
"Carp Search & Rescue"
A tropical storm came through on Friday and apparently flooded the river washing a TON of fish over it's bank.
I think we'd taken maybe 15 steps into our walk when we came across an enormous "puddle" FILLED with fish. 
Poor, sad, stranded, "little" fish getting stuck in the grass and trying so hard to find their way back to that river!

Before I knew what was going on hubs {along with another gent passing by} was in the water, scooping up fish, with his bare hands. 
{Live Action!} 
My guy is awesome. He couldn't bear the thought of those poor fishies drowning just feet from the river...when all they needed was a little help. How could I not be hopelessly in love with this man? 

You can see from the pics that the littlest 2 joined right in with the "search & rescue" mission, hesitant for just a moment and then all sorts of brave and helpful, tossing those bad boys right into the river. 
And Hello...a skirt and a pregnant belly weren't keeping me on the sidelines...grab and toss away. 
{The older two were more than happy to view from the hilltop. Cheering everyone on and loving that we were saving the fish...their dad is clearly their hero.} 

Some 30 fish and an hour later someone new showed up with a net and supplies and we headed back to the car...stinky & wet...covered in fish slime...with 2 of the happiest little boys you ever did meet. What started out as a simple walk turned into quite the adventure. 

Never a dull moment. Good thing I always pack my camera. :)

Side Story - we are huge discovery channel/animal planet/every other nerdy science channel you can name fans. It's fascinating. And our boys...just eat it all up. 
Their most recent favorite, is the show "Call of the Wildman", where this guy catches/rescues wild animals using only his bare hands. His tag line, "Live Action!!!". The very morning of the "carp" event, the boys were outside saving worms, hollering "Live Action!!!" every 2 seconds. 
Thing 2 annoucned that when he grows up he's going to be a "bare hand animal rescuer". We had no idea that later that day his little boy dreams were going to come true.


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