Friday, July 19, 2013


This past week, someone had a birthday.
Izzy, "Thing 3"/Boo's most prized possession...a pirate doll. 
Look...I know that the biggest motivation for this birthday was an excuse to have a little party...because who doesn't love an excuse to have a party. And of course we had a blast...everyone brought a "guest", we had treats, enjoyed the festive decor, and sang to the guest of honor. 

So yes, the party excuse was a big hit with all. 
But...there was definitely a little/big part of Boo's heart that was thrilled we were celebrating something special to him. In turn letting him know how special he is to all of us. 

Big changes have been happening around here and there are some even bigger ones on the horizon. New brothers and Kindergarten are mostly exciting but also a tiny bit nerve wracking for little guys. 

A whole mix of emotions are going on inside his sweet little heart that are only compounded by a mommy who: waddles, can't pick him up, and is constantly reminding everyone to "watch the belly", oh and sometimes she cries and no one is quite sure why. 
{Ahh the joys of pregnancy}

These boys are champs and genuinely thrilled for all the is coming in the next couple months but still...change isn't easy for anyone.

So Happy Birthday Izzy...we love you Boo!


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