Tuesday, July 30, 2013

moments not to be forgotten

Someone had a baby...
A couple weeks ago, the bestie decided to abandon in the preggo world and have herself a baby. {insert winky face smiley emoticon here}

Lucky us, we were able to sneak in some girlfriend time shortly after his arrival. 
3 hours all to ourselves, to talk all things baby...laugh till our sides hurt...and dine on the world's best cream filled donuts. 

A night I will cherish forever. 
Dear Sote, 
You precious life and your mama's enduring faith will forever be constant reminders of our great and gracious Lord. You are beautiful as is your story. A true miracle, that I am grateful to have witnessed first hand.
Aunt Trace already loves you to pieces...don't grow up to fast Baby "M" will be here soon enough to pal around with. 

p.s. - I'm so so so thrilled you turned out to be a boy!

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