Saturday, August 17, 2013

2 weeks old and an update

Happy 2 weeks little man!
We already admire your strength and endurance. 
You're a fuss-free fighter.
And, are super cute. 
Incase your curious:

Weighs a whopping 5lbs 5 oz.
Is Eating from a bottle 4 x's a day 
{he needs to get to 8 x's a day}
Breathes room air
Still in incubator
{But it's at room temperature, just waiting for him to add a bottle or two a day, and get back up to his chunky ol' birth weight.}
Never fusses.
Pulls out/off his wires all the time. 
NO IDEA when he's coming home. 
{They don't like to give "dates" in the NICU. Understandably.}

Basically he's kicking butt and taking names. Getting very close to coming home...very close but not quite there yet. 

Soon lil' buddy, soon!

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  1. Hi! Little One...

    G-Nan, thinks he looks like brother Bryce. especially round the mouth....Keep putting on the lbs. little fellow. so you can join Daddy and Mommy and big brothers...A happy family...


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