Sunday, August 18, 2013

Big Brothers Rule

 Let's take a minute to talk about this crew...
The last few weeks through their eyes {ad-lib}:
*August 2nd, mom tucked us in to bed.
*August 3rd we woke up and daddy told us she was at the hospital.
* we have anew Baby Brother, that can't come home, but he's fine, but he can't come home, but he's fine...{ummm...are mom & dad crazy?} It's weird.
*Lots of people keep stopping by with food and gifts and asking if mom and Moses are ok. Which is kinda confusing because mom & dad told us everything was ok, so why are people worried? 
*Mom is home but she needs lots of rest. She doesn't stand up straight anymore, she can't pick any of us up, and she winces when we give her a hug. {What did they do to her at the hospital?}
*Mom & dad take turns being home and at the GiGi and Nana and Jesse have been taking turns watching us. 
*We've gotten to do lots of fun things recently, like overnight trips and adventures with friends...but something feels different and it's making us nervous. 
*When will mom be better?
*When will Moses come home?
*Oh wait...doesn't school start soon? 
*And when Moses does come home...what will that be like?
World changing couple of weeks for this crew. 
But they have been AMAZING!


Sure...everyone has had their moments...and some more than others. 
But overall, they have totally rocked it!


Thank you boys for your great attitudes, caring hearts, and helpful hands. 
Mommy & daddy couldn't be prouder. 


  1. What a great looking crew you have....Happy all is working out! God is Great and good to us All the time.....Love you! G-Nan

    Just finished Moses's, Baby Afghan...Will ship it up, to you soon...

    Thanking God! you are recovering and baby will be home soon...

  2. they are an awesome bunch of boys!!! We love you guys!!!


Thank you for the note!