Thursday, August 1, 2013


I have THE BEST friends.
They totally "Got Me'.

This past Friday I hustle bustled through the house, cleaning and prepping to host some churchy ladies for a "get to know you" kinda event. I was very proud of myself. 
I thought, I had this great idea for a recipe exchange and that I had cunningly "guilted" my gal crew to attend the event. 
{They don't usually go to these things.}
Like, I said I was very proud of myself. I even told a few of them so...
I thought I was really pulling something off.


"Ding Dong"
{open door}
{slam door}
"What is this?"
{Tears in my eyes. Open door again...}

A traveling baby shower...standing right there in my driveway. 
They totally "Got Me". I never saw it coming. Never even suspected.
This was the first time in my life that I have ever been surprised.
{for realz}
And it was AMAZING.

The decor, the food, the "party games", the guests, the was all perfectly me. You might think I had planned it myself...every detail was exactly what I would have chosen. 
Again, it was amazing...simply amazing. 
{Balloons, mason jars, fresh flowers, and Chickie's and Pete's French FRIES...HELLO! Doesn't get any better.}
They totally "Get me". 
I am so loved & so blessed to have such thoughtful friends. I feel unworthy, but I'll take it. {wink}


Audi, Kristen, Jamie, & Lib:
Thank you, thank you, thank you...I will forever cherish this evening and all that you did to make it special for me. It was perfect...just perfect. 


  1. you have some of the sweetest friends ever!

  2. Love it!!! Love it that you were truly so surprised and so happy, love it that I got to be a part, love it that I didn't ruin the surprise:) and that one picture made me smile, I'm pretty sure it's right before I threw a pen at you:) love you


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