Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home at last

August 23, 2013. 
Moses comes homes...
Our little family will never forget the day that baby Moses came home from the NICU. 
Celebrating was had, tears were shed, and baby holding turns commenced throughout the evening. 

It was a long taxing journey for all of us, and we are grateful it has come to an end. 

Time to pop some corks and celebrate the next journey...

Life with 5 boys.


  1. Congrats to you all!!!! Welcome Home Baby Moses! 5 will be fine!

  2. Yay! Im just a reader but I had to comment...I have four boys so I am so excited for you to enjoy the 5th!! Lucky girl!! (im too old for any more babies!!) I had triplet boys in the NICU 6 years ago and I remember waiting, oh the waiting, for them to come home!! Enjoy the little one - so sweet - you have such wonderful photos to treasure forever! Enjoy the crazy times ahead!! (and try to sleep!!)

  3. So happy you are all together as a a family....My how it has grown.......God Bless and enjoy one another.......Love You, Nana


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