Friday, August 9, 2013

House Tour...Room for 3...full of surprises

Master Bedroom + Baby Nook all in one cozy space...
When I headed to the hospital {EARLY} Saturday morn, the baby nook was "mostly" ready, I'd even decorated.
The Master bedroom was "nearly" complete, just a few pieces missing & little organizing left.

Considering it was 6 weeks before delivery day, I was pretty happy with the progress, one who is slightly obsessed with decorating, I will admit that I was a little disappointed that certain things hadn't   been gotten to.
{Perspective: I wasn't lamenting the decor, nor did it cross my mind till post delivery...during one of the many hours I spent lying alone in my room.}

Discharge day, I was sad...I've shared that...grateful for a healthy preemie but sad to leave him behind.

 In preparation for my arrival home I asked the bestie to print out some verses. An arsenal to combat the daily emotional conflict I knew I'd be struggling with.
And there was no one more perfect for the task. Bestie has been my biggest spiritual encourager. Just watching her journey has challenged me and spurred me on...if anyone, she would know just the verses I would need.

One of things I had hoped to do before Moses arrived.
 I had already hung a little line in the room, by the door for reminder purposes. Only then I thought my biggest struggle was going to be patience {still struggling with that BTW}.

The day I came home, as we pulled in the drive, hubs asked if I wanted to go upstairs and get settled before celebrating...I declined. {Props to him for not insisting...he's not the best at keeping secrets.}

Hours later, the kids were in bed- family was leaving and I finally made it to our room.

My breathe was stolen.

Bestie and hubs had secretly finished our space for 3.
Verses were hung, beautifully about the room...the prefect verses.
And our headboard was in place.

The headboard, 2 horse barn doors, was a mothers day gift that we just hadn't gotten too. New house, baby on the way...headboard hardly makes it to the top of the priority list. Still...I REALLY, REALLY wanted it done before baby...and thought it just wasn't gonna happen. 

It's silly how much decor means to me, I know. But having this finished space filled with beautiful daily reminders of His Love & my choice to trust is my safe haven.
I love it.

Thank you Michele for taking the time to create such a perfect space for me. The garland's...the book pages...the verses. For taking a simple request and creating beauty. For encouraging me always & for giving your time when you have so little extra. 

Thank you babe for finishing our bed and organizing our the midst of everything else that you HAD to do, you found time to do something special for me...just because you love me. 
I cherish it. I cherish you. Always.

I am blessed, spoiled, loved...forever grateful.
{Can't wait to bring Moses home and watch him sleep in his Nook.}


  1. how perfectly sweet! hopes and prayers that your family will be together soon ♥

  2. Love Michele, she picked the best ones ever. Truth wins over our emotions, it does!!!

  3. wow - this is great.

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