Monday, August 26, 2013

She said

Baby is home...but there are some visitors I want to remember...people that loved us and gave their time to be with us during this journey. 

The bestie was one of those. 

She came to visit while I was still in hospital, just a couple days after having baby. 
She came to encourage, love, and support...knowing she wasn't going to be able to meet Moses yet. 
She brightened my day, and cheered my soul.

I've copied her post on our visit below...through her eyes...what she said...


Only 3 weeks prior to taking the above picture I was being wheeled down the hallway below this one after having delivered Soté. On this special day I was wheeling Soté down in his stroller on our way to visit Tracey. Baby Moses was born at 34 weeks due to placenta previa. He was perfectly healthy but needed some help to get strong. He was in the NICU and Tracey was in her room. 

Only 3 weeks ago she and I had been celebrating Soté's birth with cream filled doughnuts. On this day we celebrated the health and safety of sweet Moses. Our boys will be 3 weeks apart instead of 2 months. Moses wasn't able to join us in our room for the celebrating. In fact, it was quiet and subdued  . . . Tracey holding Soté in her arms as she rested in bed and me asking all sorts of questions about Moses's sudden arrival.

We wanted to see Moses, to kiss his sweet face, to snuggle him close, to look into his eyes and meet him for the first time. That did not happen, but we celebrated anyway. We celebrated the fact that he was safe and being tended to by excellent doctors. We celebrated that Tracey was healed and whole, recovering wonderfully form her c-section. We celebrated that although Moses will have to stay for a while in the hospital to get strong enough to come home . . . he is healthy.

It wasn't how we had pictured it, but we celebrated . . . we have so much to be thankful for. 

 Moses Snyder Willey

I finally met you today, Moses.
You are bright and beautiful.
And as I tell my boys each night before they fall asleep,
'You are safe. You are loved. You are a gift from God.'
You, Moses, are a gift and we treasure you.
I can't wait to watch you and Soté grow up together.
Oh, what fun awaits us!!


  1. Glad y'all are home. Can't wait to meet him the next time we are there.

  2. what is your besites blog?

    1. Unfortunately for the rest of the world...her blog is private :) But I'm sure she'll be flattered that you inquired!


Thank you for the note!