Monday, September 30, 2013

1 month

A little while back this guy was a month old...
People ask if adding a 5th was a big adjustment or if once you hit 5 adding another is a piece of cake.
My answer: Yes & Yes

It's a big adjustment. I mean, it's another life we're responsible for...and oh wait...there are still 4 other lives depending on us.
There's suddenly a lot less time in the day.
{Which is why I'm posting 1 month old pics 2 days before he's 2 months old. Where did the last month go?!}

It's a piece of cake. Meeting physical needs and juggling schedules of little boys is what we do around here...throwing another one in on the end, no biggy.

Some hard, some easy, no regrets.
Best. Baby. Ever.

ps-Can we stop and adore the awesome fish hat? It's frickin' adroable. Right?

Thank you Jesus for all of our boys.
Each and every one.

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