Sunday, September 1, 2013

Band of protectors

Dear Moses, 
You are the most recent member of: a strong, brave, caring, considerate, handsome, fun, & of protectors. 

They have been protecting mommy for a long time now. 
Each one in his own way...but always protecting. 

They have been protecting each other a group and all on their own. 

And now, they are protecting you. 
The littlest man in the crew. 

They will love you & teach you & always be there for you. 
They will: hug you when everyone is looking, cheer for you when you're winning or loosing, miss you when you're away, and wait by the window for you to return.

They aren't perfect...they will fail you at times. They may even hurt you once in a while. 
{toys will be broken, tears will be shed, words will be spat, doors will be slammed...}


You will never doubt that they love you. 
You will never doubt that they "have your back".
You will never doubt that with them is where you belong.

Thru thick & thin.
Forever & Ever.
You are safe, you are loved, you are protected. 


  1. So, so true!!! Just love all those guys!

  2. wow! What beautiful pictures! And boy does Thing3 remind me of Timmy (I guess he probably goes by Tim now huh) =)


Thank you for the note!