Monday, September 16, 2013

boys fashion...kindergarten

I'm still getting used to the idea...
All of the sudden 5 years old seems not "big" enough to be off to school. 

Not because he's having a hard time.
{because he loves it. I repeat, LOVES it.}
Not because I can't make sure he eats his grapes before his cookies.
Not because the day is to long.
Not because I don't value letters, numbers, play dough, and making friends.
Not because he came home with a bandaid the first day of school.

Just because I miss him.
Just because next to all those other kindergarteners I am reminded just how little 5 years old really is.
Just because if I could press "pause", I would.

**Outfit Run Down**
shirt - H&M
pants - H&M
shoes - J.Crew
back pack - Pottery Barn

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