Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of SChool '13-'14

September 4th 2013...

Thing 3 - Kindergarten
Thing 2 - 2nd Grade
Thing 1 - 4th Grade
Thing 4 - home boy {not about to be left out}

Today we sent 3 of our guys off to school. 
My emotions are mixed, my tears are flowing, my body is excited for a nap.
Wishing our boys the best 1st day of school, EVER!

Happy Memories from the first day of school: pancakes for breakfast // the perfect weather for walking to school // new backpacks // superhero lunch boxes // fancy pants outfits // excitement pouring out their toes // comforting little brothers who are missing them before they are even gone // extra hugs for daddy // high five good byes to each other // not to cool for mama kisses at school // walking home with just 1 on my arm // hiding my tears // cookie dough, milk, and cartoons with thing 4 to celebrate all the extra time we'll have together // counting the minutes to the end of the school day // waiting to hear all their glorious stories from the 1st day


  1. Tracey,

    One "Milestone", after another...Your lives and theirs, are rich and full!
    Beautiful! pics of their "First Day at School"....Love, the one of Bryce, comforting his younger brother Cooper..Hoping to hear good reports......
    Love, Nana

  2. Hope the first day was wonderful for everyone!


Thank you for the note!