Wednesday, October 16, 2013

adventures we will have {fashion for boys}

Instant Big Boy DIY:
Step 1) cut hair
Step 2) cry
Step 3) admire 
{because he looks super cute even if I do miss his long "goldilocks"}
EEK! We cut his hair?! Did you even recognize him?
Sigh...he's so BIG! And so stinkin' cute!

With the older 3 away at school all day...we've found ourselves on adventures pretty regularly. 
Not that adventuring can't be done with all 5 {heck, a trip to the grocery store is an adventure with all 5 in tow}, but you know...the "little guy stage" is special. 
The older 3 have passed through this stage already so I know from experience that you just can't get it back once it gone. And even though the next stage is pretty awesome too...the "little guy stage" will always be one of my faves. 

So adventuring we will go.

Our most recent adventure: Lost in a corn maze. For real. We got lost. Almost and hour in a corn maze. I was ready to scream for help when we stumbled on the exit. Never again. {We totally earned those apple cider donuts.}

Outfit Rundown:

Sweater: H&M
Polo: Gap
Pants: Target

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  1. Love the new haircut...Big brother holding little one..."Childhood, Childhood"!!! Love that poem.. "Once you've crossed that portal, you can never return, again".. Enjoy! while they are young...They grow up,so fast......Love, You, Nana


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