Friday, October 25, 2013

cream donuts & orange glazed cupcakes

The world's best cream donuts, no competition. 

The original plan was to walk to the bakery...kinda earn the donut, ya know. We got all geared up, took one step outside and it started to rain. 

So we drove.

We ate our treats right under the bakery awning...and everyone who drove by wished they were they should have, because it was awesome. 

Unplanned, spontaneous, seize the moment goodness. 
Doesn't always have to be a crazy adventure...just something a little different from the norm...makes you both feel special...and gives you both some extra cherishable memories. 

And i love extra cherishable memories.


  1. I love learning about some amazing places in our area! I'll have to search for this bakery we love cream donuts!

    1. McMIllans in Haddon Township / Collingswood /'s delicious!!!!

  2. Orange glazed cupcakes - I have the cupcake covered; anyone have any ideas on how to do the glaze? I've had to be on a fat-free diet for 24hrs to do a platelet donation, and I'm fantasizing about orange cake already.


Thank you for the note!