Tuesday, October 22, 2013

not a facade

We like the Jersey shore.
Yes. We. Do.
I have to laugh as I post these pics. 
True: life is good here.
True: I have been at the shore a lot recently
True: We do go on quite a few adventures while the olders are in school

Not true: life is serene and free of strife.
{But these pics...kinda make it seem that way, eh?}

I wanna remember the good moments, the happy times we've had...but I don't want to put on a facade of "we have no woes'. 

This week I've cried more than I've laughed and if I shared with you some of the stories about what an average day is like around here, you'd laugh you A*@ off...and then you'd pause and say "oh wait, she's serious"...at which point you'd either feel sorry for me or lift me up as some kind of saint. 

So let it be known, we have LOTS of great times but we have LOTS of crappy ones too. 
I am human. My kids are REALLY human. 
And maybe one day I'll share some of that world with you, but for now I'm gonna stick to sharing "scrap book memories".
{Because this is gonna be a book at the end of the year after all...yay BLURB!}

ps-there's one more shore post to come, don't roll your eyes


  1. i think sometimes we all make our blogs out to seem more magical than real life really is. i mean, do we want to go back and read about all the crappy times, or do we want to look back and smile at the good stuff? i've got a little crap on my blog, but mostly i hope to look back and smile.

  2. Well, maybe it's been crazy because you are taking these awesome trips to the beach!!!! I am kicking myself for not doing this...I am such a schedule person and I'm always feeling pressure to check stuff off the list. I'm happy to hear that you are capturing the good moments even during this time of survival with a newbie baby.

    1. Trips to the beach keep me sane :) These years are gone to quickly...promised myself to enjoy this time with each of them, while I had it...school years are so DIFFERENT!

      But you already know all of this :)

  3. I'm ready for your one more blog about the shore ;)


Thank you for the note!