Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thing 2 + 1

Thing 2 has a new friend.
While I'm not super big on the whole "girlfriend" thing at this little age, I am big on his sudden interest in manners.

Ok, not sudden...In one of my finer parenting moments, I may have told my boys that I wasn't teaching them/nagging on them about manners for their own sakes but rather for the sake of their future girlfriends and their future girlfriends mothers. And that one day those girlfriends and mothers would thank me for raising gentlemen who knew how to treat a lady right. 
"So sit up straight & chew with your mouths closed. PLEASE!"

He gets off the bus everyday telling me all about how he used manners, let her go first, and covered his mouth while he coughed. "Because you don't want to cough all over your girlfriend. That's just rude."

Love it. 

For the record, she has no idea that she is his "girlfriend"...he's waiting till they're both adults before he tells her. 

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  1. This is so precious!!! Love that he is willing to wait till they are adults to tell her she is his girlfriend :)


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