Tuesday, December 31, 2013

goody bags

Room moms gotta represent...
 So...I volunteered to be a room mom for the Kindergarten this year. 
Why? So I could go to & help plan the class parties of course!
Well guess what? The kids school doesn't have class parties...they have a big ol' shin dig in the auditorium with all the classes together and moms who volunteer aren't allowed to bring siblings.
So guess who can't go?
[Forgive my mini pity party.}.

Oh well, we shed our tears at Halloween 
{Yes, there were real tears shed. Yes, WE shed them.}
So for Christmas we put our big girl/big boy pants on and signed up for goody bags. 
Boo/Thing 3 stayed up late the night before helping me make the hot cocoa spoons and fill the bags. 
they each had:
hot cocos spoons

Then the bestie popped over and help me finish them off with:
 some pretty yarn and Christmas tree trimmings.
It was quite a little event...and lots of fun. 

Not sure how the turned in to winter wedding favors.
Next year I'll try to have them be a little bit more "kid exciting" on the outside as well as the inside. 
I can't help myself...I like to make thing purrty. 

And I like things to match so the teacher gifts just HAD to be wrapped in a similar fashion. 
{Best Teacher gift ever: Anthro Monogram Mugs }
I'm a looser. 


  1. Hey, I got and anthro monogram mug from a student one year and I loved it!!! You are not a loser!!! Love you!!!

  2. Oh, I can see how much fun you had putting all this together! Beautiful presents, the effort makes them shine. Thanks so much for all the blog posts this year. I binge-read them, once every couple of months, so I get almost a season in one big session. Just love it, in an O-D kind of way! You inspire me to get on with trying to make things beautiful in everyday life. With a small house and 7 occupants, it's kind of a losing battle I'm setting myself up for, but I keep trying anyway, so thanks.


Thank you for the note!