Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend extravaganza

Sorry to admit that my heart wasn't really into Thanksgiving this year. 
I was just super excited for Christmas to get here. 
Despite that though, Thanksgiving was a perfect quiet, relaxing, and{almost} uneventful day. 

uneventful - minus that time when one of our boys decided to "run away" {walk around the block} because he dropped a bit of sandwich on the floor and his mean parents weren't concerned enough to his liking. 
{Oh the joys}

So here's a quick whirlwind photo post of our Thanksgiving weekend. 
Thanksgiving over. Time for Christmas.
And our town goes Christmas Crazy!
I love it!

Friday night they light the tree and Santa makes an appearance while the whole town breaks into song:
 "Ooooooooh you better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout, I'm telling you why..."

Then on saturday morning, the big Christmas parade. 
{Fun Fact: The oldest boys were IN the parade this year! The floats were way cute but way to fast to get a pic. STINK! Oh and GiGi walked with them in the parade too.}
Sunday after Thanksgiving. 
Time to get the Christmas trees.
{tradition rules}
We got 2 trees this year. One little & One big.

The little tree is extra special...covered in ornaments made by their late great-grammy, who diligently made an ornament for each of her grandchildren every year. 
{and she had many grandchildren}
This year it resides in the littles room. 

Little Tree...
 Big Tree...
In conclusion:
Thanksgiving was fab but...


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