Wednesday, January 22, 2014

trip down memory lane

{Ok, ok. I'm a little late to the party on this one but lets not dwell on that.}

One of you fabulous readers recently asked me about the "origin" of Hidden Cupcakes. 
So here it is...
Once upon a time Hidden Cupcakes was:
Etsy reviews. Baby product reviews. And, DIY's. 
Back before my fancy camera, gif's, and any knowledge of html.

Now look at it!
An online family photo-book capturing the pretty of this families life. Hoping to encourage others to stop and capture the pretty in their lives. 
Because far to often the bad moments seem to overshadow the good ones & that stinks. 

I love where the blog has landed. 
Like LOVE it. 
It's simple, and pretty, and not messy. 

But I wonder if maybe it's to "not messy"? I think maybe soon we'll be dirtying this place up just a little bit and only once in a while.
Not today. 

For today: a little look back on some of my fave blog memories. The ones I would pick above all others if I had to choose. 

Some happy.
Some sad.
Lot of parties.
Lots of spontaneous.
Lots of love.
Some tears.
Some trust.
Lots of "wish I could go back to that day"/s. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 

Celebrating adoptions
Barn Wedding {I miss doing weddings...I must get back to "there" one day.}
Fashion for boys {I need to get back to doing this series!}


  1. Thanks for taking up a chunk of my afternoon :) it was fun looking back at the pictures and rereading...:)

  2. My faves are a first birthday, celebrating adoptions, that time I was on design mom, remembering I'm not alone And my girls surprising me (of course ;). You have a special place here friend. Love you.

  3. Sitting here on this snowy WV afternoon, what better time than to read thru your memory lane. All I can say is you're adorable & your men are very blessed indeed.


Thank you for the note!