Monday, January 27, 2014

Which way to go

Once upon a time I had decided that in 2014 I was going to add a little more "serious" to the blog. Answer some of those questions everyone is always wanting to ask.

C'mon, I mean everyone loves our fam. And of course you do. 
We make you smile in the grocery line because we're super cute and we give you hope that people are still out there doing good in the world.
And then there's the "all boys" factor. Making me super mom. 
{Plus, I'm still pretty young to have this many children...which will either impress or concern you.}
Not to mention how incredibly adorable these kids are. 
{Seriously, I have the cutest boys EVER.}
Oh and...we adopted because we wanted to, while we were young. Before we had our bio kids. 
No fertility problems. 
We just did it. 
Yep. We are extra awesome. 
In fact we are even awesomer than Branjelina because we aren't rich & we still did it.
We are so so awesome. 


I do think we're awesome. We are.
But we are also NOT awesome. 
I am not super mom. I am human mom. And this is not an easy life we've chosen. And I have ROUGH days...days where I feel very alone and am kinda annoyed that NO ONE understands what I'm going through! 

So...I've toyed with the idea of opening up. Sharing some of the not so pretty around here. Not for your pity or applause...but with the hopes of encouraging other women who may be walking a similar road. 

Because being alone is the worst.

And honestly...I wish I had had someone/anyone in those earlier days...someone who had been there. 
But now, I've "been there" and it feels like I should do what little I can to help someone else who is there now.

I's complicated. Because it's not just my's their story.

So here's the plan...for the most part, things are gonna go on as they have been but once in a while...I'm gonna share some of the harder parts of our days. And I am so nervous...but also so excited. And really hopeful that somehow when I share it will help/encourage some way. 


  1. I think, go with whatever you are thinking at the time. If it seems right to tell through your blog, some of the head behind the heart, then do it, and don't be afraid. Your love for your kids will still guide you - how to say something, what to share and what to keep. The love is there in the photos already, in the picnics, the special days, the quiet times. It will be just as apparent in the words, when you find them. There isn't a mother alive, who doesn't have hard days. Maybe a few of your readers will find their voice, and engage in conversation, so you won't be left feeling like you are standing on the edge of the ice floe, sending up your dreams and thoughts into the empty sky. I'll be here (although literally across the water, in Australia :-), loving your work, same as ever. And if my phone was able to comment without sending the same comment 3 times in 3 seconds, there'd be evidence that I was here, too. I'll work on that. And thanks, too, for the 'origins' post. Working my way down the list, with tears and smiles. Thank you, again. Di.

    1. Thank you for your never ending support! Despite the distance...

  2. I've been following your blog for awhile, and I love to see all your gorgeous pictures. As another voluntary, young, transracial adoptive parent, with a gregarious boy similar in age to your boys, I would love to see you share about that aspect of your parenting a bit more. I also have bio kids, and I find I go through seasons where parenting is easier, and more difficult. I also would like to not feel so alone, when navigating that part of my life. Real is better than perfect, and there is beauty in it all!

    1. Oh the "seasons"! I'm still so nervous to share but as more and more are urging me forward...I'm finding my nerves. :) Thank you!


Thank you for the note!