Saturday, February 1, 2014

6. no way.

Thing 3 had a birthday last month. 
So this is his first year in school...and the trend is to have a class party. 
Which, the kids love! 
{of course...who wouldn't}
But the planning got a little complicated with holiday's and then there was figuring out the whole non-school friends mixing with school friends which was turning into lots of parties
So we came up with a super duper alternative:
We had a whole week of birthday celebrating, by having a birthday themed playdate EVERY SINGLE DAY the week of his birthday. 
The house was decorated to party Monday thru Friday and party we did. 
It was simple and fun and never-ending...and I wish I had gotten permission from all the parents to post pics because they are so cute but...we'll just have to save this for the photo book. 

6 year old birthday memories: party on wheels // FROZEN is the cutest movie // blow horns galore..oh loud // party decor as requested // Skylanders everywhere // rainbow loom with Olivia // cream filled donuts instead of cake // spaghetti noodles with butter for just about every meal // scooping him up from school for lunch on his birthday // old school game cube video game almost every day // survivor man // hide n seek // wrestling // balloons all over...still // not nearly enough hugs and kisses for his mama


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