Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Annual football festivities

So the hubs and his lil' bro have started an annual tradition for Super Bowl Sunday. 
This was it's second year in a row... so it's a legit tradition now. 
{For Realz}

Last years was indoors but I'm kinda loving the whole outdoor thing. 
Takes a girl back to high school days watching her crush play sports on the opposing team.
{I've known hubs since elementary school and somehow we were always on opposing teams. Hmmph.}
Bonus: it was in the 50's on Sunday! Hard to believe since it snowed the very next day and all the schools closed. Jersey has had the weirdest weather this winter. Dumb.

Can't wait for next year...wonder if they'll manage to keep this tradition going long enough that our boys will get to join in. 
Ooh! That would be so fun!

{PS-hubs' team won. Woot! Woot!}

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  1. Looks great! If only I could understand the game. Like most team sports, a complete mystery to me (I grew up on the side of a hill, went to a 1-room school, and all team sports except softball are a complete mystery :-| ). Glad you all got out in the sunshine, if only for a day.


Thank you for the note!