Saturday, February 15, 2014

vday love

Will you be my Valentine?
I don't care how corny, cliche', hallmark-y the whole affair may be. 
We love Valentines Day. 
Yes. We. Do.

V-day Memories: listening to the boys count down to the day // getting my creative on and making garlands out the wazoo // homemade Valentine's // classmate Valentine's // heart stuffies // everyone wears red // staying up super late the night before to cover the house in hearts // Valentine's themed breakfast // Valentine's themed lunch // Valentines themed dinner // hearts hearts hearts // take out after the kids were in bed // Olympics // getting homemade Valentines from my boys // a donut & an iced coffee // extra hugs & kisses, of course. 


  1. Love it all!!! The garlands are fabulous!!! The kids are so cute and their Mom is the best!!! Love you all!!!

  2. The last photo says it all. A place in your heart, that's what Valentine's day always brings out. Well done on embracing the festivities!

  3. What a terrific Mom, you are....So creative, too....Loved the heart garland and the way you arranged the table ...Kids are so fortunate to have you as their Mom.....You come from good stock!.....So much like your wonderful Mom!.......Love you all....


Thank you for the note!