Friday, March 7, 2014

a party for the non-schoolers

 What do you mean V-day is over?
Way overdo or are being subjected to a Valentines post...because this blog is gonna be a photo book and these kiddos were just to cute to not remember this little party.
Coop loves V-day and has since been giving out hugs and kisses as rewards...but first he makes either an "x" or an "o" with his fingers to let us know which is coming our way. 

Kid v-day party memories: stickers everywhere // more sweets than any child needs // coffee and talking with friends // the PURE JOY of the kids when they handed out and received Valentines // one little dude who sat contentedly at the table for quite a while after everyone else had left...eating as much as he possibly could // Scotch Eggs // someone else took the pictures // Coop waiting by the window then hiding under the table // snow snow snow // hearts hearts hearts // xoxoxo

*Photo credit to Lorraine Hebler of Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart


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