Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Birthday overnight-ing with heels in the city

4 years ago myself and 3 other fabulous ladies made a vow:
Recognizing a shared love for all things fabulous we made a commitment to make time to enjoy some "fabulous" together, one night each month, heels required. 

This simple promise has grown to be much more than a "night to dress up and feel like a woman."
It is now also a night to catch up with dear friends, share our hearts, & hold each other accountable towards joy.
{Heels are still required, always.}

Life is so busy, with the raising of children and running of homes, that friendships these days take quite a bit of dedication. 
But dedicated we are...and I need never fear loosing these cherished relationships...because no matter what life is throwing our way...we always have heels night. 
One night a month...indefinitely.

Last month, the OLDEST of our group celebrated her birthday.
{Wink. Wink. Love me!}
And lucky us, we were able to celebrate her with a fabulous overnighter in the city!

As you will see, it was a weekend for the books and one we will NEVER forget. 

{Prepare yourselves for a ridiculous amount of pictures}
A weekend for the books. 

Happy Birthday to you Rachel. 
You are cherished. 


  1. This is so sweet. The entire weekend looked so fun and so aesthetically-pleasing :) You definitely know how to capture those special little details. <3

  2. Making a commitment to make time for friends and self, is a tribute to the close bonded friendship you share with one another......Must say, the ladies look suave, the photos fantastic.....These are and will be happy memories to look back on and say, "We did it"! And so glad we did".....


Thank you for the note!