Wednesday, March 19, 2014

making friends and sharing spaghetti

Oh these boys. 

Thing 3 has been hard at work making friends this year.
{His first year of Elementary School}
 And we do our best to have playdates when we can. 
And then when we do, to make the most of them...because I am that mom who says "no" when I do say "yes" I like to go all in. 

{Confession: It's just as fun for me. One playdate they were spies and I was the "evil professor" and we had a mini marshmallow war that took over the entire house. It was awesome.}

So on these special days when I say "yes", nothing makes my heart happier than to see him climbing around with his friends acting like a total goofball, building ramps from scrap lumber, and eating spaghetti dinners outside with his buddies all by themselves....feeling so grown. 

Our default "1st born". With his big heart. His abundant confidence. And wild fun imagination. 
As far as his lot in our's not always easy. But he wears it so well...and I love seeing what a little man he is becoming. 
{And I love that other little boys his age are just as LOUD as he is. Phew!}

Cheers to new friends and spaghetti dinners! May we have many more nights that mirror this one!


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