Monday, March 17, 2014

No Irish but still celebrating

Don't get pinched.
Wear your Green.
As you know, we like to party around here. So any excuse will do. 
And I love a theme...

I told the boys if they didn't wear green people were allowed to pinch them all day long. 
They thought that was the funnest tradition E-VER. 
{yes I wore green...i bruise easily)

Aside from the greenery that we wore, I kept it kinda simple. 
A rainbow trail in the morn that led to a leprechaun-y surprise, and shamrock shakes in the eve. 

I used to think that as they got older they would outgrow all my parties. 
{next year I'm gonna have to go a little bigger because everyone noticed that there wasn't the usual silly note and mischievous leprechaun treasure hunt that we've always had in the past.}
I love it.


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