Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Decorating donuts & dealing with "it"

Like I said last time...
We are working on getting on with enjoying life .
And sometimes, we're using food to help.
{Because it's yummy & we can.}
 So my kiddo's rock. Like for real. They love to enjoy life. To the fullest.
{not that decorating donuts, is hard to enjoy}

They also, love to help others...as well as help each other. 
And how do they do that? By finding every thing you say and/or do to be the most exciting thing they have ever heard or seen. And in those moments they aren't faking, it's legit...because somehow they know you need it & being the awesome little dudes that they are...they want to give it, for realz.

Ok Confession: so going to the Krispy Kreme donut decorating night was more for me then them...but they made it awesome because that's what they do...becuase though donuts are fan-frickin'-tastic...clearly decorating them wouldn't typically be a highlight of your life...but it was this night...because we all needed a "the best night ever!", event...so we had one.
Three cheers for this crew.
{The balloons flew off moments after I took this pic. But they fought the tears by pretending the balloons were catching a ride on an airplane. True Story. See. They Rock.}

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  1. WOW! what a fun night, you had together, not to mention decorating fave. donuts..Boy's, looking great....So's GiGi, and Mom.....Special times with Special people.....Love, You, guys....


Thank you for the note!