Thursday, May 29, 2014

holding hands in your sleep, always protecting

When we moved into our home, we told all the boys that one day the bedroom "situation" would have to change.

At present "Thing 5" is in a cozy little nook in our bedroom...{see it HERE }...but it's time he was moving on.

One of the steps we plan on taking to relocate "Thing 5" {aka get him out of my ROOM!} to move "Thing 3" up to the attic bedroom. 
A request he makes daily. 

For now he still shares with "Thing 4". 
Which I love because they are adorably connected to each other. 
{Both literally and figuratively}
I'm not so sure he's as ready, as he thinks he is. 
{Be still my mama heart!}

May they always be there for each other. 
And may the days of holding hands in your sleep last just a little while longer


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