Tuesday, June 17, 2014

camping firsts and a sweetheart

Not to long ago these three went on an overnight camping trip.
A first for the littles. 

I stayed home with the other boys this time 
{Ummm...a baby and a boy on spectrum whose afraid of bugs & occasionally hallucinates at night...yeah, I'll pass on the sleeping in the tent. Thank you.}
Still, I wanted to snap a few pics in front of the teepee to commemorate this special occasion. 

I mean come on...just look at those outfits, that they picked out all by themselves...these two are nothing short of adorable. 
{I can't stand that they are growing up so quickly!!!}

So...like I was saying before I got distracted by their cuteness...I just wanted to snap a few pics in front of the teepee, but the older one insisted on a full photo shoot once he heard I wasn't going with them. 

These boys crack me up. 
{Each and every pic was full on posed...and it's awesome.}

Sidenote: I am ready for summer. Bring it on.


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