Monday, June 9, 2014

Scouting {& A Winner}...

My little men, scouting photo locations with me. 
Being my little "models" for the day.
And all it cost me was a couple of ice cream floats and some gum balls.
 {Note the bulging cheeks over stuffed with bubble gum. Adorable in a way that only these tiny humans can be.}
Of course for me it was a win win. Photo'ing AND a date with two of my favorite guys...uh, no brainer. 

Seriously, I'm so excited about this new photog journey!!!
Planning parties and taking photo's float me!
Like, all the way up to cloud 9. 

 Which reminds me...
We have a little winner to announce! 
EEK! Get excited!
{drumroll, please...}

Congrats to 
You won! You Won!
{And I am so excited to photo your adorable family!!!}

Thank you everyone for all your support and your entries. 
Sorry I kept you on the edge of your seats all day! {OOPS!} I was riding the high/recovering from decorating an event this weekend. It was so FUN! 
{Did I mention the whole love of planning parties thing? SWOON!}

Anywho, I wish everyone who entered could have won!
{I truly do...truly.}

So I've decided to offer some super "launch rates" 
To celebrate the pending launch of Hidden Cupcakes Photography
{Still working on the name...just roll with me for now.}

$100 for family/portrait sessions if booked prior to July 4th {1 hour}
$175 for event/lifestyle sessions if booked before July 4th {2 hours}

Ready to book or have ANY questions, shoot me an email at:


  1. Wait....whaaaaattt???? Are you serious??? I'm on the verge of tears. I'm in shock!!!!! I keep scrolling up and I keep seeing my name!!!! Holy crap!

  2. congrats! i can't wait to see this photog journey! i've always loved your photos :)


Thank you for the note!