Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Zane Mom Mixer 2014

Monday looked a little something like this...
If you follow along on Instagram you saw the prep and some of the event already, but I had to share these official pics!

It was such a fab night, with fab ladies. Kinda sad it's all over already. 

Memories of Mom Mixing: Keemia be cray cray // home made gelato // balloons on the ceiling // fanciest laundry room in town // not a girly house // backed brie heaven // Johanna had a birthday // snap snap, click click // NICOLE made it!!! // everyone was gorgeous // a couple stragglers made for some fun round table talk // walking home // making Michele stay out later next time // we forgot to pop the champagne // who brought the easter candy // high heels // streamers on the floor // twinkle lights everywhere // "this is like a dream" // signing up for the next "mixer", be there or be square 

Ok, So...What is "Zane Mom Mixer"?
{I really need to think of a trendier name}

As the end of the school year was approaching it struck me that the 'ish of our life around here made it pretty near impossible for me to connect with the local moms...and that just wasn't cool! 
{because I could tell at drop off/pick up that this town is filled with awesome moms}

So, I decided to do what I always do: throw a party!
The idea:
A fun night for the K-moms to get together, meet, mix, and mingle, at a non school function, with no littles underfoot. 
Oh, and it had to be fancy.
{1- I love fancy. Obvi. 2 - These moms do so much for our school & town...things that I'm not able to do...but parties, I can do...and it's the least I can do for these ladies. #overuseoftheworddo }

Lucky for me, I had been able to make the acquaintance of Jodie this year {our boys are buds}. 
She was over the moon excited about the idea and jumped right in when I asked if she'd be interested in co-hosting. 
Umm...She's a fab cook...and she had complete control of the menu.
And...she nailed it!

Needless to say, once we started planning we realized we couldn't keep all this fanciness to we extended the invite to all Zane-y moms...because really, they all rock...and I'd love to meet each and every one!
{seriously, such a fantastic group of women}

We hope to keep it up with a couple parties a year...I'm so excited!
{already pinterest'ing ideas for the next one}


PS-no ladies, I'm not interested in much 'ish around crew needs me to stay as commitment free as possible these days. But thanks for asking! Maybe one day. 

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