Wednesday, August 6, 2014

hitting the boards with local folks

Yep. Another shore post. 
{You are so totally welcome!}
This is my happy place. 
{I'm not exaggerating this time.}
For other place on earth brings instant happiness to my heart, quite like the Jersey shore. 

So why not share it with new friends?!

This was our first official "kid friend" trip to the shore. 
{In NJ it's the "shore", not the "beach". FYI.}

We've been down here plenty of times with friends (as you know)...but mostly those friendships started with the parents/me first and by default our children have fallen into friendships.

This little entourage, however, formed all on it's own and has since banded us mama's together. 

{Mama plug: I'm actually quite proud of my mom mingling since moving to our perfect town...totally out of my comfort zone, but I predetermined I would force myself to "get out there" when we moved...for the sake of our boys...because "weren't no way" they'd be having playdates without me first knowing the fam's of their friends...I'm not relaxed enough for that...anyway, rabbit trail over.}

All day long I felt as though I was getting glimpses into their teen years...they are one crazy bunch of fun loving boys...Lord help us all. 

PS-this was Thing 4's first time on the big Pirate Ship...he was not a fan...but he was super brave. Had to squeeze that tid bit in here so that I will remember it for always. MUAH!

PPS - you know there are gonna be plenty more shore posts, right? It is my happy place after all. You've been warned...

PPSS-thank you Jodie for braving the Pirate Ship! Poor little guy would've been a wreck without you on there! I hope your head has stopped spinning! 

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  1. I do love living out in the country, but oh how I miss Ocean City. I sure hope you had some of the potatoes-peeled-right-before-your-eyes French fries. If not, eat them next time for me. ;)


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