Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Turning 1

Mighty Mo. Mighty Mo. 
Oh my, how we love you so...
1 year. 

Oh Mighty Mo...
We are so blessed by you. Everyday. I will forever be grateful for the surprise of your life.

The youngest in our tribe...you are guaranteed a life of love and protection...forever & ever, no matter what. 
Lucky you, luckier us.

{Check out some of Mo's birth journey here & here & here & here...chance are you'll be reading them along with me...because I'm sappy nostalgic & can't stop looking at all the pictures from his preemie days.}

I love you Mighty Mo...so much.


  1. great pics of everyone.. Carly wants cupcake cotton candy...

  2. oh and Happy Happy Birthday to lil' Mighty Mo!!!


Thank you for the note!