Monday, September 29, 2014

crabbing kinda {#latergram}

We have been home from vaca for weeks now. 
But I've been slacking on the blogging and now I'm super,duper behind and I can't skip the vaca pics because I need them in my photo'll just suffer through or come back next week when I will finally have moved on from vacation... 

 Still here?
Woo hoo! Thanks for flipping through today's virtual "Willey Vaca 2014" slideshow!
More to come....
{insert diabolical laugh here}

Memories of a day on the high seas crabbing: we were not on the high seas // we only "caught" 3 crabs...none worth keeping // the weather was PERFECT // the scenery to die for // gigi & pop-pop made it extra special fun // Thing 4 was the only child with any lasting interest in actual crabbing // Thing the art of the //  we mastered the art of bribing with candy to stop a tantrum {not planning on using that "skill" ever again...but when you're out on a boat with no where to go, you do what ya gotta do.} // plenty of snacking // who wants to cut some bait? // windy // hitting up the local grocery for frozen crab legs that we pretended to have caught {wink, wink} // Thing 3 wants to be a chef these days...he made his first batch of crab cakes. And only one his brothers "chopped" him. // I heart crabbing...actually catching crabs not required.


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