Friday, September 5, 2014

vaca our way

 We're on vacation for another 8 days!!! 
Yes. School started yesterday.
{no worries we booked it back up for the first day...then hightailed it back to vaca right after the bell let them out.}

We had a rough past year/summer around here. 
And we needed some extra time to hunker down and just enjoy each other before heading back to school full time. 
So we voted, and it was unanimous, 2 full weeks of vaca this year!
Which ended up meaning that the boys would miss their first full week of school.
{It's the last year we will probably be able to get away with this...and we're loving every minute of it.}

Vaca memories {so far}: no mountain dew for j-rod, ever // funnel cakes for dinner // Thing 4 is so brave // Thing 2, boogey boarding all day long // sun, sun, sun // Baby boy is a walker!!! // catching hermit crabs in the bay // midnight ocean swims // New Girl marathons // midday naps for all // tan lines // dreams of surfing // arcade-ing it up // BROWNS DONUTS // I saw Caleigh first! I win! // Stuck on the Ferris Wheel // his first roller coaster // iced coffee every morning // Off the grid // ocean views from our house on the boards // favorite place on earth 


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