Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome Back Teach {DIY}

School Starts in the morning?
Say WHAT?!

Ok so...
I was recruited by our PTA to fancy up some "back to school" goodies for the staff. 
Ya'll know how much I love to fancy things up, right?
{I'm so already know...I'm in the fast, la, la, la, la, la, la...}

I'm so pumped with how fab these turned out!
No worries, you didn't miss your chance to copycat this pretty-ness...X-mas is coming!
{So "pin it" up!}

Teacher Jars:
-mega gold paperclip to hold a gift card or two
{I sprayed the lid of the jars with gold, and attached a home printed tag with some twine. Easy Peasy.}

Teacher aide boxes:

Yay for the fantastic teaching staff that will be caring for my kiddo's this year. I can't imagine what we'd do without them. They really do rock...and this, was the very least I could do.
{yay, yay, ya ladies, happy to help!}



  1. You are from planet awesome <3

  2. Your creativity comes natural......Great job on the PTA project!


Thank you for the note!