Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween!
This year was just as fun as all the rest. Family themed costumes. Class parties, parades, and all sorts of jazz. Trick or treating with new friends and running into old ones along the way. And oh, the candy! What's not to love about Halloween?!

A few questions answered {for the last time}:
1) Not Robin Hood
2) Yes, Peter Pan has a shadow…it's how he meets Wendy!
3) Tick Tock Croc
4) Smee…ya know, Captain Hook's sidekick?
5) I know, right? No one wanted to be Captain Hook! Crazy?!

Guess what movie we're watching tonight?

ps-i know, I don't blog anymore, ever! It's so sad. Hopefully that's all gonna change soon…hopefully.


Thank you for the note!