Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Birthday Boy

I can't believe it. I can't believe it. 
He was just a babe…and now…he's a mini man!
I'll avoid being cliche and gushing on and on about how, "I wish I could freeze time"...I will simply say, "YAY! It's your birthday! I hope it rocked!"
{It totally rocked, btw.}

We love you Armani Joshua Willey. 
Forever & Ever. 
No matter what.

*Those party decoration were a major score from the Halloween Clearance section! How perfect! Right?! He has had some of the funnest themes thanks to Halloween Clearance. So tip, if you have any winter birthday's…the same strategy holds true for Xmas decor clearance…just saying'.*


  1. You are both great parents...You bring so much love and joy, into your children's lives...They are so blessed to have you "in their corner"....Happy Birthday! Ari, Glad you had a "Blast"!
    Love you, .XXXXX000
    G-Nan Nana


Thank you for the note!