Sunday, November 30, 2014

we party'd with him & for him

Another time, I will write about the heartache that comes along when you celebrate the birthday of a son who is separated from you. 
Another time, I will share the details of my lack of strength. 
Another time, I will talk about how nothing quite prepares you for moments like these, and the choosing joy mindset that you plan on doesn't come as easily as you had hoped.
Another time, I will make myself vulnerable for the sake of helping others…even if only one, who may feel alone as I have on this journey.
But…that will wait for another time. 

This time, I will share the joys of our time together. 
First & foremost, he loved his party. 
His stated highlights were: being all together, playing video games, & his new fave toy "minion Dave". 
It was a joy to watch our boys play all together without conflict…and to truly just enjoy being together. 
And the cake…somehow I managed to pull off exactly what he requested. Woot! Woot!
Oh! And we got a family pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
{It's the little things.}

I am so beyond grateful to the family that surrounded our boy and tribe in love as we celebrated this special birthday. 
It wasn't an easy night for anyone, but they were there…and it meant the world to us. 
We couldn't have done it alone. 
We needed them to be there.
I needed them to be there. 

We are blessed with love & support by many…many more than are pictured here.
We love you all. 


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