Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gobble, Gobble

Holidays have been tricky this year…and Thanksgiving was no exception.
But fear not {!} we found a happy place, the hubs and I had brunch with our oldest, while the rest helped prepare the feast.

Memories from Thanksgiving #1: Just the three of us // belgian waffles // diner coffee // Tic Tac Toe // talked about Xmas wishes // his drawings // checking NBA stats {Go Sixers?} // life sized pilgrim dolls {not creepy at all. sike.} // lots of extra XOXOXO's for our boy

 Memories from Thanksgiving #2: GiGi taught the boys how to stuff a turkey // A long post brunch nap // the hubs and boys cleaned the house whilst I enjoyed a long post brunch nap // Boys dressed like Native Americans // TONS of food // fire in the fireplace // Christmas music // pumpkin pie // apple dapple cake {heavenly} // Guess Who tournaments // 2nd dinner // The Hobbit // a 9 year old who refused to have his picture taken…no time to smile when your busy feasting {lol}
So yeah, Thanksgiving was Complicated.
But it was also fabulous.
So no complaints. 
{I heart our "complicated" crew.}


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