Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"R" family sneak peaks

These are the "sneakiest" peaks ever!
The "R" fam recently started the process to fost/adopt…and there are oodles of rules to protect privacy.
One rule: no pics on the internet, until adoptions are finalized.

So…these particular photos may not be my faves from the session, but they were the only ones I got where that sweet little babe wasn't looking at the camera.
{which really…is actually a great thing for pic taking, so no complaints.}

I ADORE this crew. 
They are real. 
They are love. 
I am blessed to know them. 
{And they are so photogenic, it makes me sick.}

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  1. i wish you were here to take pictures of us. You have a gift!!!


Thank you for the note!