Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sneak peak for the "F" family...

Meet the "F" family. 
{Yes, that is an awkward first initial when it's all you can use online…eek!…but let's move on.}
Aren't they darling?

I love that we opted to do this session in there home. 
So many first have occurred there and they deserve to be captured and treasured for always. 
First home, first baby, still newlyweds…
It was an honor.

Ok, Ok…I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record as I continuously proclaim how "honored" I am to be asked to take all these photo's. But I can't help it. 
It's true. 

Photos are precious. 
They allow us to be transported back to the cherished times in our lives that have past.
Weddings, births, celebrations, good byes, having toddlers, having teens, having puppies, having just the two of you, and even the mundane every day…the moments that make up your life in its various stages, they are beautiful too.
Photo's allow these times to never end, to never be forgotten. 

I cherish our family photo's and the joy they bring to me as I look through and relive special moments to "us".
{I'd be all for our own personal paparazzi...}
And it is my hope, that in taking photo's of others, I am able to give them the chance to relive the joys in their lives as well. 


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