Thursday, January 1, 2015

Holiday Mom Mixer

Holiday break was kicked off with a little mom mixer shin dig, with some local Zane-y moms.
The ladies brought the wine & bubbly, i whipped up some yummies. 
And lots of laughs and fun were had. 

I've so loved these evenings we've had together. 
And I'm looking forward to many more. 
Grateful am I, to have this chance to connect with these fine women. 

When we first moved into town I vowed I would make an effort to get to know my neighbors. 
It was/is important to me that my boys have the freedom to have friendships, but I also feel that at this young age, I need to be involved. I need to know the parents of their friends, and likewise their friends parents need to feel comfortable getting to know me as well. 
I needed to "vow" it, because it was/is something that is definitely outside of my comfort zone. 
This whole walking up to strangers and planning playdates…very scary at first.
So I would invite moms to join the initial play dates and then eventually I ended up hosting our first mom mixer with one of those moms I had met, simply because our boys were friends. 

And to that end I must encourage you fellow moms of schoolers. 
Moms who've had a hard time connecting with parents of the little ones friends.
Moms who stand there awkwardly, looking at your phone because you don't know what to say, and you just wanna grab you kids and book it to the mini van.
{you know who you are}
I Encourage you to get out there and host your own version of the "mom mixer". 
It's a fun relaxed way to get to know the moms in your area, that you may otherwise not get to connect with with!
School drop off & pick up isn't always a convenient time for chatting, especially for working moms or moms with extra littles.
So I say, push aside any little awkward hesitations you might have and go for it! 
{It doesn't have to be fancy! It could be pizza and pop!}
Chances are the other moms will love it and be grateful for the night out and chance to connect with each other.. 

There are so many beautiful, fabulous people out there, if you don't give it a go, you might be missing out!


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