Monday, January 19, 2015

Last minute'ish Disney Adventure {take 1}

So…we kinda sorta decided, 2 weeks beforehand, that we were gonna take 2 of the boys on a Kamikaze, whirlwind, weekend Disney trip!!!
Carpe' Diem!

Yes. We are the funnest parents ever. 
Whisking our children away for a weekend of making dreams come true…

We were def motivated by the realization that they are only this age once and they just happen to be the perfect ages to appreciate Disney in all of it's magical glory!
We'd been talking about going on some big trip for a while now, but life just hasn't been doing what we want it to, so we kept pushing it back.
{We took our oldest's when they were this age too…it was awesome!}
So, the hubs threw it out there…he was gonna be in FL for a week on business anyway, what if we just met him there Fri. Eve?
Ummm…heck yeah!
We don't need some big long elaborate trip down there…they are only this age once!
And they don't care if they ride every ride or shake hands with every character.
It's Disney! 
Just being there is enough for them.
And being able to take them there is enough for us.
{Of course it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for my fabulous mother who gave the hubs "overnight childcare" as a birthday gift! Thank you mom!}

So, we did it!
2 days at the fabulous Walt Disney World Resort.

Day 1: Magic Kingdom
It was perfect. 
Their faces before & after each ride.
Being there together.
Every second of the day.



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