Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Someone had a birthday

This little booger turned 7 two weeks ago!
{I can't believe I am just now getting to posting this! Ahh! Life!}

He'd been going all around trying to planning the perfect party..and I decided screw it. 
I'm gonna throw him a surprise party. 
So I sent out a rather last minute impromptu email, 4 days before said event, to all the boys in his class…and low and behold all but 2 were able to make it. 

It was epic!
A complete success. 
He walked through the door. I yelled "Macaroni & Cheese", and those boys gave him the noisiest surprise EVER! 
{So noisy that it scared the bajeeba's out of the youngest two but that's ok, they recovered.}
Lego's, Video games, and pizza were the agenda.
Moms stayed and chatted it up.
15 boys played and ate and laughed their little hearts out. 
And once we confiscated all the noisemakers {learning curve} everything went very smoothly. 
He has a great group of boys to grow up with. 

We love you…to the moon and back. 

funny story - 20 minutes in, he asked me "what is all this anyway". OOPS! Looks like no one yelled Happy Birthday…and since it was his first experience with a surprise party, he was a bit confused for a while. {Again, learning curve}

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  1. We love you, Boo! You are growing up into a well-rounded and much cherished young man!


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