Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Xmas review 2014

I know you've been wondering…and I'm grateful you have…the answer is yes, we had a lovely Christmas.

It was Thing 1's first visit home since the placement in April. 
And we couldn't have hoped for a better time all together. 
{I'm not trying to act like I wasn't over thinking and/or hiding my hot mess of mama emotions…let's be realistic here.}

Christmas Memories {2014}: Thing 1 is HERE!!! // Chinese with the Woodworths on Christmas Eve //  Buffalo sitting // Many mandatory Christmas PJ pics //animal feet slippers for all! Woot! Woot! // Baby Judah Woodworth slept throughout the whole evening // We have toddlers people // sword fighting with chopsticks // cookies for Santa // Carrots for the reindeer {and 1 extra placed by an older brother who's trying to keep me on my toes} // Driving Thing 1 back to his residence as he counts the hours to return in the morning // Polar Express // Presents from Santa, dreams coming true // Daddy bought us all Santa hats // Thing 3 got his very own tool set…real tools here people // Breakfast traditions - Dunkin Donuts // Driving out to get Thing 1 while I count the minutes till I get to see him again // Holy wrapping paper // Someone got a baby doll, again. // Gigi & Pop-Pop and 2nd Christmas // Mid day munches // Pop-pop made everyone wooden robots // Gigi supplied the outfits for our own little "furries convention" // Thing 5 posing on the stairs…every time he saw a camera // so much good food // PJ's all day // tearful good byes as Thing 1 head back // grateful hearts as we tuck into bed // we are so so so blessed. 

It was a good day. A very good day indeed. 

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  1. I love love all these pictures, and I love that Josh has Christmas jammies;)


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