Thursday, February 26, 2015

dating {round 1}

For V-day this year I gave the three middle boys a "date". 
The date and venue were predetermined for each. 

This sweetie was up first.
His date: lunch out, on a school day, at his fave restaurant. 

He's starting to hit that age…that age where I "embarrass" him. 
At his school revue he told me to cheer but not to cheer his name, because that would be embarrassing. So I abliged, no name cheering, despite the fact that I was surrounded by moms who were cheering the names of their children! {no fair}
Oh, and…he doesn't want me dancing in Target!

But…I haven't lost him to the cool side completely. 
He still gives me extra hugs and kisses every time we say good bye (including in public), he still holds my hand whenever he can, he still draws me pictures of my favorite things, he still looks up to see if I saw his "best" cartwheel, he still insists on being tucked in every night with hugs & kisses & air kisses, and…He still asks me to sit on the same side of the booth as him so that we can cuddle.

Memories of dating Boo: booth cuddles // strawberry milk // SELFIE // ummm, out to lunch on a school day // booth cuddles // the whole restaurant all to ourselves // he orders for himself now // buttered noodles // being taught the art of pokemon // my sweet 7 year old boo…growing up way to fast

PS-after the Revue, he told me that next time I can cheer his name…guess it's worth the embarrassment. {can you feel my grin?!}

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