Sunday, March 15, 2015

dating {round 2}

This fella hit the jack pot with his V-day date. 
Adventure Aquarium.
{littlest brother included, because he insisted the little guy tag along.}

Technically his date was supposed to be a train ride to the city and lunch from a food truck.
But…winter hit NJ hard this past month, so I decided to give him "free choice" instead. 
I wasn't a bit surprised. It's his fave place to go, ever. 

We did it all. 
Sharks, jelly fish, HIPPOS, turtles, sting rays-sting rays-sting rays, lunch, gift shop, face paint, sting rays, more sharks, lobsters, sea horses, and more. 

Oh this boy. 
I want to bottle him up and keep every precious 4 year old-ism about him forever & ever at arms reach. 
This boy is so full of spunk, silliness, sensitivity, stubbornness, wit, hugs, kisses, awkwardness, sass, heroism, competition, loyalty, dimples, giggles, recklessness, & bounce that I can't bear to think of him growing to be a man! 
{though really, he's going to be an amazing man, no doubt.}

Thank you Jesus for this boy. 
I love him so…it hurts.


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